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Sponsor an Enclosure

Some of the animals here at SCAR are here to stay. They can’t be rehomed for many different reasons, so instead we provide them with a forever home here as we believe that every animal should be able to live a healthy, happy life. Sponsoring an enclosure means that you are helping us to continue to care for the hundreds of animals that we rescue by giving vital funds

We offer a variety of sponsorship methods to suit your budget, for example:

  • Sponsoring a large exotic animal enclosure with a sign of your choice including your logo displayed on the enclosure for a year, at a cost of £1000. Your sign will be unmissable to all our visitors and volunteers
  • Sponsorship of a small animal enclosure such as a cattery pen with a plaque including your logo displayed for a year, at a cost of £400
    Sponsor an animal of your choice with a wide variety to choose from including domestics, farm animals, reptiles and exotics including raccoons, meerkats and eagle owls (prices dependent on animal)
  • Your name or logo featured on a large display board at the entrance to the site and reception, at a cost of £250 per board

Contact us to sponsor an enclosure

If you would like to find out more about sponsoring an enclosure then please get in touch