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Support Our Fundraising

Fundraise for us!

We would love for you to fundraise for us and help us to continue rescuing and caring for more animals. We will try to help as much as we can but are not always to attend individual events. These are just a few ideas of things that people have done for us in the past;
* Coffee morning
* Cake sale
* A sponsored event like a run or skydive!
* Dress down or fancy dress day at work or a club
* Collection night at a club or group
* Choose us as your business charity of the year

The options are endless, what could you do?

Join our fundraising team!

We get asked to attend lots of events to help with our fundraising efforts and can only do these events because of a team of dedicated volunteers who make it happen. If you think that you could support us by attending events like fetes or businesses with a few of our team (both 2 and 4 legged!) and letting people know what we do then please complete our volunteer form. Events are usually at weekends and volunteers let us know which ones they are able to attend.